Course Overview

    1. H01 Introduction to Historiography

    2. H01 Questions and Answers

    3. H01 Presentation Pack

    4. H01 Learning Resources

    1. Part 1 - Time and Place

    2. Part 2 - Anachronism and Presentism

    3. Part 3 - Question and Answers

    4. H02 Presentation Pack

    5. H02 Learning Resource Pack

    1. Part 1 - Timelines and Periods

    2. Part 2 - The history of Baghdad

    3. Part 3 - Muslim Historiographers

    4. Part 4 - Case Study (al-Tabari vs Ibn Kathir)

    5. H03 Presentation Pack

    6. H03 Learning Resource Pack

    1. H04 The Evolution of Tarikh

    2. H04 All about Tarikh Typologies

    3. H04 Questions and Answers

    4. H04 Learning Resource Pack

    5. H04 Presentation Pack

    1. H05 - World History

    2. H05 - The Ijaza System

    3. H05 - Khabar vs Hadith

    4. H05 - Narratives & Meta-narratives

    5. H05 Presentastion Pack

    6. H05 Learning Resource Pack

    1. H06 Different Genres of History

    2. H06 Professional Historians

    3. H06 Presentation Pack

    4. H06 Learning Resource Pack

About this course

  • 37 lessons
  • 15 hours of video content
  • 10 Lectures
  • 20 Hours of Total Tuition
  • Downloadable Resources


Ustadh Ibrahim Bow


A prolific researcher and educator, Ibrahim M. Bow has received numerous invitations as a guest lecturer for a number university audiences and societies within the UK. He has also been heavily engaged in developing new platforms and avenues for online education and his work in this field has resulted in assignments to prepare and deliver a series of Islamic History lectures for establishments and organisations in the United Kingdom and in the Middle East. In his role as the founder and strategic director of Ilm Film Studios, Ibrahim M. Bow has several years of experience in working alongside prominent and leading production networks in the media industry. He has served as a content strategy consultant, presenter and production manager for international broadcasting networks serving global audiences, most notably on Huda TV (UK) and Guide us TV (US). His work has also been featured on Emaan Channel and the Muslim American Network (MAN).