Course Overview

Primer to Al-Muqaddima

    1. S01 Introduction

    2. S01 Questions and Answers

    3. S01 Seerah Studies

    4. Notes

    1. S02 The Context Of The Seerah

    1. S03 Mecan Period I Before Prophethood & Private Preaching

    1. S04 Meccan period II Hostilities and Hijrah

    1. S05 Meccan period III: Sorrow & Success

    1. S06 Medinan period I: Political Situation & Islam As A Polity

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Dr Stef Keris


Dr. Stef Keris is an Award-winning Historian, Published Author, Professional Lecturer, Television Presenter and accomplished History Scholar whose numerous lectures, books, published documentaries and taught courses have been translated into several languages and used as core study texts in schools and study programs. In addition to his doctorate in History, Dr. Stef Keris has also attended Cambridge University where he obtained an advanced teaching license. ​ Dr. Stef Keris holds a Master’s degree and a PhD in History, Political Science and Linguistics. Over the years, Dr. Stef Keris has demonstrated his expert skills and competence as a professional educator, having taught in several establishments throughout Europe and the Middle East. He is also a qualified Muslim Chaplain.